Questions and Answers

Blizzard Office: (248) 677-9705

Q - What time should I arrive to Blizzard on Saturdays?

   A - Member check in starts at 9 am. Lessons for Mini's, Youth and Teen begin promptly on the snow at 10:00 am. The Tot's AM session starts at 10:30am and the NN session at 12:15pm and the PM session at 2:30pm.  The first couple weeks check in starts earlier for new members joining in.

Q - How many trips does Blizzard hold?

   A - We have averaged 10 per season, but, the weather ultimately makes the final call on the total each year.

Q - Should I Pack a lunch?

   A - Mini's are required to have lunches, be certain to clearly mark the out side with their name. It is recommended, but not necessary for the Youth and Teen programs.

Q - What time does Blizzard end?

   A - Our lessons ends at 3:30 pm each Saturday, unless a member is sent to Testing. In which case could end near 4:00 pm.

Q - What are the Thursday e-mailings?

   A - Each Thursday you will receive a courteous e-mail to determine if you will be coming that week and to give you notice of the Saturday events.

Q - Where do I find Blizzards at Pine Knob?

   A- Blizzard sets up inside the main lodge on the upper left hand side (south end) of the lodge as you come in the front doors toward the slope of the building, in front of the Pine Knob Ski Shop.  On Sundays, we set up in the Main Lobby near the double doors on the west facing windows side near the arcade area.

Q - Where do I find Blizzards at Mt. Holly?

   A -  Blizzard sets up on the upper most level of the main lodge Directly 2 floors above the Ticket window. The Access best used is the Doorway right of the archway and take stairs on left all the way up.  On Sundays we set up in the Main lobby near the double doors on the window side close to the café.

Q - How do I contact BLIZZARD on Saturdays?

   A - Blizzard can be reached at (248) 677-9705 if you get sent to voice mail please leave a message and we will return your call in a timely manor.

Q - How many level are there?

   A - Blizzard Youth Skier's and Teen's has 10 Skiing levels (B, L, I, ZZ, A, R, D, Bronze, Silver, Gold).  Youth and teen Snowboarders has 8 Levels (Rocker, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Black, Double Black, Gold).  Mini skier's has 7 Levels (Rocker, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Black, Double Black). Tot's skier's has 4 levels (White, Yellow, Green, and Blue).

Q - Being new and skiing/snowboarding before what level will I be?

   A - A Blizzard instructor will evaluate you on your first visit and determine your appropriate level. (evaluations or TBC starts at 9:15-9:50 am) Arrive early.

Q - When moving from Mini to Youth program what level will I become?

   A - A Blizzard instructor will evaluate you on your first visit and determine your appropriate level. (evaluations start at 9:15-9:50 am) Arrive early.

Q - Transportation available?

   A - Blizzard is a family oriented snowsport school we enjoy seeing our members and family on the hill. This allows us to give personal feedback to you. Therefore bus service is not provided.

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Registration Opens October 1st for the 2020-2021 season.

You can register on line,  by calling the Office, or in person during one of the Blizzards trips.


Phone: 248-677-9705 

Office Hrs: October - November M-F 7pm - 9pm

December -March M-F 6pm - 10pm, Sat 7am - 6pm, Sun 8am - 5pm

Email: Ski Kids Office Email

Blizzard  Ski  & Snowboard School
P.O. Box 631
Bloomfield Hills,  MI.  48303

Blizzard is a seasonal business; there for in our off season it may take longer than 30 days to make contact between parties